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PG&E Working to Restore Power in Palo Alto Foothills & Beyond

PG&E Working to Restore Power in Palo Alto Foothills & Beyond

UPDATE as of 10/10/19, 8:00 p.m.The Red Flag Warning has been lifted, and wildfire threat levels reduced. PG&E is working to restore power to impacted customers. Palo Alto Utilities lines have been checked and no issues were found. 

Wildfire threats could continue through the fall/early winter. PG&E could force future power outages and as a result the City encourages the community to prepare for future wildfire threats.

Read a recent blog on ways to prepare by going here.

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UPDATE as of 10/10/19, 8:00 a.m.PG&E shut down power to Portola Valley, Woodside and a small number of City of Palo Alto residents in the foothills served by PG&E late last night. City of Palo Alto Utilities did not shut down power to its Palo Alto Foothills customers.

The Red Flag Warning is in effect until 12 p.m. today. The City is continuing to monitor the situation and will be conducting electrical line patrols this morning. If conditions worsen or if abnormal conditions are detected in the patrol, the City may shut down power to reduce fire danger. Call 911 for emergencies only.


UPDATE as of 10/9/19, 3:30 p.m.: PG&E has delayed the likely power shutdown in the Palo Alto Foothills/West of 280 until 8 p.m. tonight, Wednesday, 10/9 due to the dry, gusty Red Flag Warning fire conditions picking up in our area at that time. The period for the strongest winds will be tonight through Thursday morning. It is unlikely that other areas of Palo Alto will be impacted. 

Palo Alto Fire Engine 365 is being deployed to Foothills Park to monitor the extreme fire conditions during the duration of the Red Flag Warning. The warning is currently in effect until 12 p.m. on Thursday.

UPDATE as of Wednesday, 10/9/19, 9:00 a.m.

PG&E is forcing a power shutdown impacting Palo Alto Utilities and PG&E customers West of 280/Palo Alto Foothills at 12 p.m. today, October 9. It is unlikely that other areas of Palo Alto will be impacted. 


UPDATE as of Tuesday, 10/8/19, 8:30 p.m.

PG&E is advising that it will implement a Public Safety Power Shutoff starting Wednesday, October 9 in parts of Santa Clara County and 33 other Northern and Central California Counties due to fire weather conditions. The outage could last 24 hours or more.

Even though the City of Palo Alto owns and manages our own electrical utilities, we rely on power supplied by PG&E. If PG&E decides to turn off power, outages may impact Palo Alto.

According to PG&E, there is a high likelihood of power outages to the Palo Alto area West of I-280 beginning noon on October 9. The City of Palo Alto is preparing for additional contingencies that may arise as PG&E continues their efforts. Other impacted areas are unknown at this time. Once PG&E shuts off power lines it could take up to five days to restore power due to line inspections. The areas highlighted in PG&E's map are likely to be impacted.

Read a recent blog post for ways to be prepared and stay informed as this issue develops further.

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UPDATE as of Tuesday, 10/8/19, 12:30 p.m.

PG&E issued a press release confirming it will likely implement a Public Safety Power Shutoff in parts of Santa Clara County and  portions of 33 other Northern and Central California counties in order to reduce wildfire risk during the extreme weather conditions period forecasted for Wednesday, Oct. 9 through Thursday, Oct. 10. In addition, the City's Utilities Department may shut off power to some customers in the Palo Alto Foothills.

The National Weather Service has issued a Fire Weather Watch in effect through at least Thursday due to gusty winds and high temperatures and dry conditions. If these conditions persist, and PG&E needs to turn off power, the outages could last for several days. You may need to take several of the following steps to be prepared:

-Utilize an emergency supply kit with enough water, food, medicine, batteries and flashlights to last several days 
-Have a backup generator for medical and other needs
-Have your vehicle gas tank filled and cash on hand (as electronic transaction devices and ATM machines will be without power)

While PG&E does not directly serve electricity to City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) customers, the City intakes electricity from PG&E’s transmission system, so outages may affect Palo Alto.

Palo Alto uses AlertSCC to communicate during unforeseen events or emergencies such as natural disasters, crime bulletins, power outages, and more. Sign up to receive Alert SCC notifications here:

Read about PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shut-off program at 

In the event of an actual emergency, dial 9-1-1. For non-emergency public safety issues, call (650) 329-2413.


Last Updated: October 7, 2019