Proposed Peers Park Dog Park

Project:  Peers Park Dog Park
Scope of Work

The scope of work for the project consists of installing a defined dog park area in the rear of Peers Park.  This is to be achieved by installing a 5’ tall black vinyl clad fence to create an enclosed spaced for off leash dog recreation, and the installation of site amenities to support the facility.  

Existing and Proposed Uses
The existing area in Peers Park proposed for the dog park is located along the rear edge of the park adjacent to the Caltrain corridor.  Consisting of open turf area and mature trees the spaces is now used for un-programmed passive activities and acts as an ad hoc dog park.  Due to its location behind the tennis courts the space is separated from the main use areas of the park and  receives limited use.

The proposed use would fence off this rear area into a defined space creating a  dedicated dog park (refer to the attached plan for layout). 

Purpose of the Proposed Changes
As identified as a priority community need by the recently adopted Parks Master Plan, and per City Council directive with support of the Parks and Recreation Commission to provide more dog park locations in Palo Alto supports the purpose for this proposed change to Peers Park.   A set of criteria was established as part of the Parks Master Plan to select dog park locations for installation.   These criteria are as follows:  A minimum size of .25 acres, not currently used for programmed activity and were not directly adjacent to residential housing.  Eleven locations were identified in the city, six in north and five in the south.  Of the eleven locations Peers Park was selected as the most suitable location for the initial dog park installation, due to its available size, it’s buffered location away from residential housing  and its location in the North segment of town which currently has no dog park facilities.

Materials, Colors and Construction Methods
Materials & Colors:
Fencing  and gates used to create the dog park will be 5’ tall black vinyl clad chain link (typical).  The fencing type will match the same specifications of the fencing used on the recently  renovated El Camino Park,  and was approved by the Architectural Review Board.  Site amenities including: Picnic tables, dog water bowl, dog waste bag dispenser  and recycle/trash receptacles will be per city standards. 
Construction Methods:
Low impact construction methods will be utilized to install the fencing.



Last Updated: October 3, 2017