El Camino Park Closed During Water Reservoir Construction

El Camino Park Closed During Water Reservoir Construction

Reservoir and pump station project completed in December 2013, with park restoration to be finished by late 2015.

Beginning in late 2011 and continuing through December of 2013
El Camino Park has been the site of a major Utilities construction project after which it will be getting a complete head-to-toe makeover!  

The late September 2011 park closure was the first step in a multi-year construction project to build a new underground reservoir and well. This project is part of the City Utilities Department’s long-term Emergency Water Supply Planning effort.  Construction will continue through 2012.

The Emergency Water Supply System, when all upgrades are completed, will provide enough water to meet basic needs for the entire City in the event of an earthquake or other emergency that cuts off our normal water supply from the Hetch-Hetchy regional system. 

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Once the El Camino Park construction project is finished…the park makeover will begin.  El Camino Park will have its recreational facilities restored and ready for use by late 2015. 

In exchange for their long wait before having access to the Park again, Palo Altans will get a secure emergency water supply and a beautiful, modern new park facility---both of which will be treasures for generations to come.

If you have comments or concerns, you can contact the Utilities Communications Manager at (650) 329-2474.

Last Updated: May 10, 2013