LED Streetlights Shine

LED Streetlights Shine

PHASE THREE of LED streetlight installation project is underway!

What’s going on?
CPAU is in the third phase of a project to install LED streetlights throughout Palo Alto. No neighborhood was “singled out” to get the new streetlights, but rather installation is being completed in stages. (Click
here for a project map.)

With the 2,300 additional "COOPER" LED lights installed in this third phase--which began in February 2014 and is expected to finish up by the end of this summer---roughly 85% of the 6,600 street lights in Palo Alto will be converted.  The contractor for this phase is Express Energy Services.

Note: LED streetlights are only being installed where previously there were "cobra-head" style lightposts.  The old-style decorative "Washington" and "tear drop" streetlight posts are not being replaced but will be retrofitted with more efficient lighting as a future project.

Who can I contact about this project?
Please direct comments or questions via email or by phone to
(650) 566-4500.

Did the City ever ask the public if they wanted LED streetlights?
Yes, we sure did! Originally, a pilot program was run where LED streetlights were installed in various areas around town and the public was invited to comment on them. Based on positive public feedback and with the aid of a federal stimulus grant, the first phase involved installing LED streetlights along Alma and the El Camino Real. The next phase was to start installing the lights in neighborhoods around town.

What are the benefits of LED streetlights?

  • 40% lower electric use than less efficient older high-pressure sodium [HPS] lamps.
  • Saves ratepayer dollars
  • Is better for the environment
  • 30% lower maintenance costs because LED lights don’t need to be replaced as often.
  • Bright direct light increases visibility and discourages illicit activity.

What can be done for people who find the LED streetlights too bright?
Most people are very happy with the better illumination of these new streetlights. However, if a person has checked with neighbors on the block and there is agreement that the light level is a problem, send an email to Utilities Engineering at
LEDStreetlights@cityofpaloalto.org providing name, location and contact info.

People will be placed on a waiting list of locations we will evaluate to determine which options available make the most sense in each case. Responding to customer needs is a high priority, but residents should understand that depending on the volume of requests, we may not be able to get out to evaluate their area for several weeks.

The City welcomes feedback from the community on the LED streetlights. Suggestions and comments can be submitted by an email to LEDStreetlights@cityofpaloalto.org

Last Updated: May 5, 2014