Utilities Pole Replacement Project

About the Project
This project involves replacing utility poles within the City of Palo Alto Utilities service area. TW Power Line Construction will perform the work. Contractor vehicles will be marked with "City Contractor" vehicle magnets and contractors will carry "City Contractor" badges for identification and security. Some utility poles are located in residential backyards, requiring the contractor to enter the property. A representative of TW Power Line or City of Palo Alto staff will contact customers prior to entering their backyard. 

Project Timeline:
July 2020 – Oct 2020

Project Work Hours:
Monday through Saturday 
7am - 5:30pm (after hours or emergency work as necessary) 

TW Power Line Construction Contacts:
Name: Blake Edward, Project Manager
Phone: 408-220-4906
Email: blake@twpowerline.com 

Name: Ron Scott, Project Superintendent
Phone: 916-618-3031
Email: Ron@twpowerline.com 

Electric Utilities Contacts:
Name: Henry Nguyen, Senior Electrical Engineer
City of Palo Alto
Phone: 650-566-4539
Email address: Henry.Nguyen@CityofPaloAlto.org