Backflow Prevention Survey

Thank you for your patience and willingness to do your part to help our City meet its state regulatory obligations! The State requires all water utilities to complete an inventory survey of all properties in their territory to be sure every location which requires "backflow prevention devices" has one. Most residential properties do not require these devices, but we need to check everyone to be sure. (Backflow prevention devices prevent contaminated water from flowing into the City's water supply system.) We have completed a pilot project to test the best way to distribute surveys and are now revising our survey game plan based on those results. We anticipate conducting the surveys on a citywide basis in the next year or two.

Backflow Prevention Installation Information

Information, test reporting forms and lists of qualified testing companies for your legally-required backflow prevention devices.

Test Form

List of Approved Testers

Backflow Prevention Device - General Information

Helpful guidelines for water utility customers who already know they are required to install a backflow prevention device.

Backflow Prevention When You Go "Green"

Important details you need if you are considering using a rain barrel collection system, a gray water recycling system or installing a solar water heating system.