Business Programs

City of Palo Alto Utilities offers a number of programs for businesses.  Click on the titles to find out more.


Connect to the Palo Alto Commercial Fiber Backbone!  Find out the advantages of the commercial fiber optics service provided by the City of Palo Alto.


Facility energy use can be one of the greatest expenses for a business, but to some extent, it is an easily controllable operating expense. How do you control it unless you track it?

Program for Emerging Technologies:

The City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) launched this program in 2012 in order to partner with individuals and companies who want to evaluate, test and implement innovative emerging technologies. The goal is to find and nurture creative products and services that will manage and better use electricity, gas, water and fiber optic services. We want to find the best ideas out there and help get them implemented!

Energy Audit:

Complete your own energy audit with our walk through audit. Download the Walk-Through Energy Audit and use it to help you find ways to reduce your business's energy usage and utility bills.  Contact your account representative if you need more assistance in reducing energy and water usage.

Commercial Industrial Energy Efficiency Services:

The City of Palo Alto would like to announce the start of our NEW Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program (CIEEP). Our program is a high level assessment with the ability to drill down to specific components within your site. The assessment will give building owners and facility manager’s specific recommendations on way to save energy and money. The City of Palo Alto has selected three Engineering Consultant Companies to help our large Commercial Customers find energy efficiency opportunities. Learn more about out our Engineering Consultants.