Loma Verde Avenue Trunk Line Improvement Project

storm drain pipe being installed

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 Project Description

The Loma Verde Avenue Trunk Line Improvement Project is the first of the thirteen proposed Capital Improvement Projects funded by the Storm Water Management Fee ballot measure that was approved by Palo Alto voters in April 2017.

The existing storm drain pipes on Loma Verde Avenue between Louis Road and the former Sterling Canal easement just past Maddux Drive lack the capacity required to convey runoff from a 10-year storm event. Upsizing these pipes to achieve a 10 year level of service is recommended. Approximately 1,700 feet of storm drain line on Loma Verde Avenue will be upsized from an existing 36" diameter to a proposed 51" diameter.

This project was dependent on the completion of the Matadero Creek Storm Water Pump Station Project, located downstream from Loma Verde Avenue storm drain improvements and is now complete.

Project Status

Staff is currently working on the design phase of the project. Construction is anticipated to start by Fall 2019. The project status will be updated with each construction related milestone.

Contact Information
Public Works Engineering Services Division
Email: pwecips@cityofpaloalto.org
Project Manager: Michel Jeremias, michel.jermias@cityofpaloalto.org
Project Engineer: Vicki Thai, vicki.thai@cityofpaloalto.org