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Animal Control

Animal control patrol car


What We Do

The Animal Control Officers for Palo Alto Police Department provide Animal Control services to the cities of Palo Alto, Los Altos, and Los Altos Hills. As of February 2019, Pets In Need operates the Palo Alto Animal Shelter located at 3281 East Bayshore Rd.


  • Palo Alto Police 24hr Dispatch: 650-329-2413
    • Stray dogs
    • Sick, injured, dead animals (including wildlife)
    • Aggressive animals
    • Animal bites
    • Animal cruelty or neglect
    • Animals in distress
    • Livestock or Petshow permits
    • Other municipal code violations (i.e. leash law complaints)
  • Email: (do not email complaints or requests for service)
  • Fax:  650-856-8591
  • Pets In Need Animal Shelter: 650-496-5971 or
    • Animal Adoptions
    • Dog Licensing
    • Lost & Found Animals
    • Spay & Neuter Clinic
    • Vaccine Clinic
    • Animal Surrender
    • Humane trap rental
    • Volunteering and Community programs

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