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Open Data

Welcome to the City of Palo Alto Open Data Platform

Throughout the world, governments are making collections of public data more easily available to their communities and a wide range of interested stakeholders. The type of data posted--called Open Data because it is so easily accessible--is varied and includes such information as where taxpayer money is being spent and statistics on just about every aspect of government. This openness has enabled citizens to have greater visibility to the workings of their local, state, and federal agencies. The data is freely accessible to anyone and can be viewed online and downloaded in a variety of formats. Our open data portal also provides a way for third-party software applications to easily access and use our government data.
The City of Palo Alto Open Data Portal, first launched in 2012, includes over 100 datasets and we’re adding more all the time. For example, here you can find information about how the City of Palo Alto spends money; the status of development permits; geospatial data; historic library information; Utilities data; and current infrastructure issues. We encourage you to explore these datasets and more. You can also use the Request a Dataset feature if you’d like to see a dataset published here.
We encourage you to explore the Palo Alto Open Data Portal. Under the Help link, let us know how we’re doing and what we can do better.
James Keene
Palo Alto City Manager
Jonathan Reichental, Ph.D.
Palo Alto Chief Information Officer

The City of Palo Alto teams with Stanford University to complete the City's first hack-a-thon. The challenge, build an application in twenty-four hours to utilize geographical information system data provided by the City.