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Construction Parking

To obtain permits for on-street construction parking and no parking signs, call 650.617.3118.

Project Coordination

The goal of the Project Coordination Team is to act as an advocate for the project and work collaboratively with all parties to provide information, resolve issues, and guide the permit through to completion. You may contact a Project Coordinator with questions about permitting, fees, forms and applications, and the development review process.

All permit applications will be assigned a Project Coordinator as a primary point-of-contact for both staff and customers from early assistance to permit close-out.  The Development Center includes representatives from each department, making it a true one-stop-shop for your projects. We’re here to safeguard the community by enforcing required local and state codes.

Ryan Oyama (650) 329-2311
Henry Rafael (650) 329-2339
Diana Tamale (650) 329-2535
David Borjon (650) 329-2364
Orshi Corpos (650) 329-2234

Plan Review

The Plan Check Team is responsible for review and approval of all permit applications to assure that proposed construction work meets the life safety, accessibility, sustainability, and structural safety requirements of local and state codes. We also review plumbing, electrical and mechanical, as well as photovoltaic systems and electric vehicle chargers. We are committed to providing timely and professional review of plans and documents for all applications submitted to the Development Services Department. You may contact a member of the Plan Check Team for questions regarding local and state code requirements.

David Chung (650) 329-2135
Ed Fang (650) 329-2143
Madhavi Latha (650) 329-2149
Carroll Woods (650) 329-2357

Building Inspection

The Building Inspection Team provides excellent customer service through the building inspection process by verifying minimum requirements to safeguard the public health, safety and general welfare and to provide safety to fire fighters and emergency responders during emergency operations.

Robert Dunbar  (650) 329-2109
Rhonda Parkhurst  (650) 329-2658
Kyle Shea (650) 617-3507
Korwyn Peck (650) 329-2663
William Tierney (650) 329-2303