Veterans Day 2020: Volunteer, Donate or Attend a Virtual Event

Veterans Day 2020: Volunteer, Donate or Attend a Virtual Event

While we may not be able to gather in person this year, community members can still celebrate and honor our Veterans. Show your support by volunteering, writing letters to the troops or attending a virtual Veterans Day Event. Below is a short list of examples of how you can honor veterans this Veterans Day on Wednesday, November 11.

Soldiers sacrifice health, safety, and time with their families, often for months or years at a time. This Veterans Day, the community could decide to devote a few hours to virtual-friendly philanthropy. Virtual volunteering for even a few hours each month adds up, so make a commitment to volunteer on Veterans Day that continues throughout the year.

Here is a list of online charities that help veterans:
DAV: DAV provides many avenues of support to veterans and their families. Volunteering options include corporate partnerships, social media and fitness fundraising, and spare-change donations.
Operation Gratitude: This group supports veterans, active troops, military families, and first responders. They offer virtual volunteerism opportunities for individuals, groups, and businesses, including letter-writing, crafting, and purchasing products through Amazon Smile.
Soldiers’ Angels: Soldier’s Angels seek to uplift military members and families by organizing good deeds from around the globe. Virtual volunteering tasks include throwing virtual baby showers for spouses of deployed members, sending letters and care packages, and comforting service members or families.
• Hire Heroes USA: This organization helps veterans transition to civilian jobs. Sign up to participate in mock interviews, provide career counseling, and follow up about the job search process.
Warrior Rising: Warrior Rising aims to empower veterans by teaching entrepreneurial skills. Apply to be a mentor, and guide aspiring owners on their business journeys.

These charities also accept monetary donations. While you can volunteer on a one-off basis, ongoing support makes a bigger impact.

Attend a virtual Veterans Day event
Many parades, concerts, and ceremonies stream online so that folks can observe the holiday from afar. Websites like Eventbrite and Eventful have listings of various online and virtual events in your area, or in areas like Washington D.C. and New York City where there typically are bigger celebrations.

United States Department of Veterans Affairs also offers a handy list of organizations offering virtual Veterans Day celebrations in 2020.

Write letters or emails to troops.
Writing letters to troops is one of the easiest and most meaningful virtual Veterans Day activities. This is a great exercise for children and adults alike. Simply compose personal messages, and then send the letters to active duty soldiers.

Here are some organizations that send letters to soldiers:
• Soldiers’ Angels
• Operation Gratitude
• A Million Thanks
• Operation We Are Here
• Forgotten Soldiers’ Outreach

Deployment can get lonely, and a bit of human connection can mean a lot.

Virtually tour national monuments, museums, and battlefields
While the community may not be able to visit key service landmarks in person, several offer virtual tours!

Here are some virtual tours of national monuments, museums, and battlefields:
• National Mall
• Veterans and War Memorials
Virtual Tour of Washington D.C.
• National Veterans Memorial and Museum
• National Museum of the US Navy
• National Museum of the United States Air Force
Gettysburg National Battlefield 
• The Alamo

Last Updated: November 9, 2020