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Bicycle Commuting/Lockers

Bicycle Lockers
Caltrain rents bike lockers at the California Avenue and Palo Alto Caltrain stations. For rental information, call 650-508-6350 or visit the Caltrain Bicycle Parking webpage:

Palo Alto Bikestation

The Bikestation is located at the Palo Alto Caltrain station and, offers a secure and convenient way for more commuters to combine cycling with transit at one of Caltrain's busiest stops.

The Palo Alto Bikestation accommodates parking for 96 bicycles and has commuter and recreational rentals, bike repairs, basic bicycle accessory sales, changing room, and an outdoor seating area with concessions. For more information, see

Bikes on Caltrain
Caltrain operates two types of train cars: Gallery (enter through one door) and Bombardier (enter through two doors). The gallery train set can accomodate 80 bikes (40 in each of two bike cars), while the Bombardier train set can handle 72 bikes (24 in each of three bike cars). The gallery and Bombardier sets aren't always used on the same train numbers. For more information see

Bikes on Buses
VTA buses are equipped with bicycle racks that can accommodate two bikes. For more information, see

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2017