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Blue Ribbon Committee Considered for Grade Separation Process

Blue Ribbon Committee Considered for Grade Separation Process

A Blue Ribbon Committee is being considered to enhance the Connecting Palo Alto rail grade separation process. Such a committee would help develop recommendations to Council on the funding plan and other strategies for local and regional support of grade separation options.

Meanwhile, the Community Advisory Panel (CAP) has developed into the Expanded Community Advisory Panel, better known as the XCAP. The XCAP will continue its key role during the current evaluation phase by bringing neighborhood perspectives to the table as various grade-separation alternatives are defined.

Once the evaluation phase is concluded and options are defined, the City will seek community input through several ways, including a citywide community meeting. Input gained will inform the City Council consideration of grade separation options in early 2020.

Council takes a closer look at the possibility of a rail Blue Ribbon Committee at its meeting on Monday, September 9.

Last Updated: August 23, 2019