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Progress Report for Fire Station Replacement Project

Progress Report for Fire Station Replacement Project

The infrastructure replacement project for Fire Station No. 3 on Embarcadero Road is making solid progress and is expected to be complete this fall, despite several setbacks, including the bankruptcy of a subcontractor. The prime contractor, Strawn Construction, Inc., began the construction in January 2018.

Interior insulation and drywall installation are complete, and the exterior cladding work is in progress. The exterior cladding work was in the scope of the bankrupt subcontractor. For proper fitment, the window installation must follow the cladding work, so it is still pending. The station’s water service, emergency generator, and electrical service have all been installed. Additionally, the fire sprinkler system, HVAC system, and apparatus bay doors are all complete and ready.

Originally built in 1948, the new station is located on the same site and will meet current building, seismic, and Americans with Disability Act standards. The space will also include easier and safer pedestrian, bike and vehicle access.

Designed by Shah Kawasaki Architects, Inc. (SKA), it will attain at least LEED Silver Certification and incorporate surrounding elements, including existing protected trees. The project also includes a new interactive public art feature that has been placed beside along the Newell Road side of the station. The art installation is currently protected by a plywood box.

Fire station personnel and equipment have been temporarily moved to a facility at 2000 Geng Road while construction is underway.

Fire Station No. 3 is part of the Infrastructure Plan approved by Council in 2014, that includes a public safety building and a parking garage on California Avenue, the Highway 101 pedestrian/bike bridge, the Charleston/Arastradero Corridor project, and the replacement of Fire Station No. 4, located at 3600 Middlefield Road. To learn more about the fire station project and the Infrastructure Plan, visit our website at:

Last Updated: July 31, 2019