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Bikeshare and E-Scooter Pilot Ramps Up

Bikeshare and E-Scooter Pilot Ramps Up

Palo Alto’s bikeshare and e-scooter program is being renewed for another full year. On Monday, March 18, Council adopted a resolution extending the Bikeshare and E-Scooter Pilot Program for one year through March 31, 2020. A one-year pilot program was originally approved in March 2018, but didn’t fully get off the ground due to lack of staff resources.

Free standing bikeshare and e-scooters are emerging technologies for reducing traffic congestion and improving the first and last-mile access to public transit. This resolution is also consistent with the 2019 Council Priorities of both Transportation and Climate Change.

The pilot program will allow the City to develop permit guidelines for vendors to operate within Palo Alto in a way that is most responsive to the needs of the community. Staff will collect and analyze data and assess the quality of various service providers during the pilot program.

Last Updated: March 20, 2019