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Council Adopts Sea Level Rise Policy

Council Adopts Sea Level Rise Policy

Sea level rise is an issue that will affect all of Palo Alto for generations to come. Recognizing this, on Monday, March 18, Council looked at this issue and adopted a Sea Level Rise Adaptation Policy that directs staff to study it further and propose an adaptation plan. Current projections put the Palo Alto Baylands underwater as soon as 2050 with the likelihood of flooding to Palo Alto neighborhoods increasing.

The newly adopted Sea Level Rise Adaptation Policy recognizes that the best way to avoid long-term impacts from sea level rise is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The City will continue to adhere to its Sustainability and Climate Action Plan, and do its part in solving this issue. The sea level rise policy will serve as guidance in developing the more detailed adaptation plan, which will be presented to council as early as June 2020.

More information about Sea Level Rise can be found at:

This policy is consistent with the 2019 Council Priority of Climate Change. You can read the full Staff Report by clicking here.  

Last Updated: March 19, 2019