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Connecting Palo Alto Still on Track

Connecting Palo Alto Still on Track

Governor Newsom’s State of the State announcement in February that high-speed rail will only run from Merced to Bakersfield won't slow down Palo Alto’s plans to accommodate more frequent Caltrain service along the City’s four crossings once the tracks are electrified.

The Churchill Avenue rail crossing, a possible citywide tunnel and traffic data will be the focus of the next Connecting Palo Alto Meeting on:

Wednesday, March 27
6-8 p.m.
Mitchell Park Community Center
El Palo Alto room

So far, Council has narrowed down its options to six and needs to further refine its recommendations. With Caltrain electrification on track to be completed in 2022, the big concern is by 2025 there could be 20 trains per hour during peak times. This would leave the gates at rail intersections down 25 percent of the time, and create traffic backups during daily peak periods. To stay connected on this issue, click here.  

Last Updated: February 25, 2019