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Palo Alto Streets Hit High Mark Early

Palo Alto Streets Hit High Mark Early

A year ahead of schedule, Palo Alto’s streets are now rated on average an 85 on what’s called the Pavement Condition Index or PCI, which means very good to excellent condition. Palo Alto now has the best streets in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties and is anticipated to have one of the highest PCI scores in the region when the Metropolitan Transportation Commission compiles its upcoming annual report. 

The milestone will be acknowledged at the City Council meeting tonight through a proclamation as part of the Council’s special orders of the day. 

In 2009, the City’s PCI was 72 and well below other neighboring communities. In 2011, the Council established the 85 PCI goal by 2021, following a recommendation from the Infrastructure Blue Ribbon Commission. Three years later, the Council accelerated the timeline to 2019. Council also dedicated additional funding of about $5 million to the street resurfacing program in an effort to bring up the City’s average street condition. Palo Alto’s Public Works Department developed a five-year paving plan and met the PCI goal one year early in 2018. 

“With the support of Council, 215 lane miles of streets have been resurfaced, representing 45 percent of City streets,” said Public Works Director Brad Eggleston. “While we know there are still streets that need attention, overall street conditions have significantly improved across the City. In addition, we are coordinating with Utilities on pipe repair and maintenance and other construction work to minimize disruption and maximize efficiencies.”

Since 2012, a total of $45 million has been invested in the street resurfacing program. For more information, click here.  

Palo Alto’s investment in street resurfacing and maintenance is just one aspect of its commitment to infrastructure improvement. In 2014, the City Council adopted an Infrastructure Plan that includes nine key projects including a new public safety building, garages on California Avenue and downtown, two fire stations, improvements to Byxbee Park, a bike/pedestrian plan, improvements to the Charleston Arastradero Corridor and a Highway 101 bike bridge. Many of these projects are currently underway, and more information can be found at




Last Updated: February 11, 2019