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Public Works Preps for Rain Returning Midweek

Public Works Preps for Rain Returning Midweek

The National Weather Service is forecasting a 60 percent chance of rain will move into Palo Alto and the greater Bay Area beginning Wednesday night after 4 p.m. The rain could be heavy at times during the evening, bringing with it between a quarter to a half inch of rain.

A 40 percent of showers are forecast before 10 a.m. on Thursday. On Friday, there is a 80 percent chance of rain after 10 a.m. You can get the most up-to-date forecast for Palo Alto here. You can also monitor Palo Alto's creek levels here.

In preparation for the rain, Public Works crews on Tuesday placed yellow reflectors on the inside of the bridge abutment at West Bayshore at San Francisquito Creek. The reflectors are one foot from the bottom of the bridge and will be used to help monitor water levels in the creek.

Important Note regarding the Creek Monitor Page: All the creek monitor sensors are in place, however, the sensors at West Bayshore and Matadero Creek is under evaluation and the sensor at West Bayshore and San Francisquito Creek has not been providing accurate data during low flow events. With the arrival of each storm, Public Works will continuously inspect the creeks and monitor the data shown.

To report flooding issues, blocked storm drains, slides and fallen trees, call the Public Works after hours line at: (650) 329-2413.

Power outages can be reported at: (650) 496-6914.

Both Mitchell Park and Rinconada Park locations have been stocked with loose sand and fill bags. Five thousand filled bags will be assembled by City staff this season. Once our filled bag inventory is depleted, only loose sand and bags will be provided at these sites. There is a limit of 10 filled bags per trip for passenger cars and 20 filled bags for pickup trucks. These limits are set to promote driver safety.

You can find a full page of Storm Watch resources and preparedness tips at this link here.


Last Updated: January 30, 2019