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Information on UUT Class Action Lawsuit and What to Do

Information on UUT Class Action Lawsuit and What to Do

If you are a current or former resident of Palo Alto and paid a Utility Users Tax (UUT) to the City of Palo Alto as part of your monthly phone bill, you may soon receive a notice informing you of a class action lawsuit against the City. The City imposes a UUT on people who use telephone service in Palo Alto. The UUT is collected by telephone service providers on behalf of the City and included in residents’ monthly telephone bills.  A former Palo Alto resident, Eileen Staats, has sued the City on behalf of herself and other current and former residents, claiming that between August 1, 2006 and December 18, 2014, the City’s UUT was unlawfully collected on certain tax-exempt telephone services. The City denies that any UUT was unlawfully collected.

The case has been “certified” as a class action, and class members must choose whether they want to participate in the lawsuit or not.  ou can expect to see information about the case in local media, postcard mailings to home addresses, and ads on social media sites. The deadline to opt out of the class is January 19, 2019.  

The class is represented by attorneys who have been appointed by the Court.  For more information about these attorneys, and your legal rights and options in the case, go to:

Last Updated: December 19, 2018