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Community Fellows Sought for Cubberley Master Plan

Community Fellows Sought for Cubberley Master Plan

July 23, 2018— The City of Palo Alto is kicking off an 18-month effort with Palo Alto Unified School District, consultant, Concordia LLC, and the community to co-design a master plan for the Cubberley Community Center. As part of this effort, we are looking for six to eight residents to take on the role of Community Fellows. Community Fellows will:

  • assist the project team in engaging the community in the co-design process
  • collaborate with the project team to provide advice and feedback about the process for maximum community understanding, participation, and input
  • help spread the word to the community about opportunities to participate in the process
  • be table hosts at community meetings to help guide the general activities and goals of each meeting
  • help give the community the tools they need to make informed and educated decisions throughout the planning process 

The deadline to apply is August 24. If you are interested in becoming a Community Fellow for the Cubberley co-design process, you can learn more about it here.  If you have any questions, please contact Bobbie Hill at or 304.541.2653 or Kristen O’Kane at Kristen.O’ or 650.463.4908.

You can learn more about the Cubberley Community Center master plan design project here. You don’t need to be a Community Fellow to participate in the process. See the project information for dates of community co-design workshops.

Last Updated: July 23, 2018