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Bioblitz Uncovers Over 250 Species at Baylands

Bioblitz Uncovers Over 250 Species at Baylands

Nearly 90 citizen scientists made the Bioblitz at the Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve a success on Feb. 17. This was the second time the observational study of biodiversity took place at the Baylands and the data is still being uploaded, but so far it uncovered 1412 observations and 262 different species.

The iNaturalist app that the citizen scientists downloaded on their phones used machine learning artificial intelligence (AI) with a huge database of photos to help identify the species.

Here’s some of the more interesting species found:

-Gray hairstreak butterfly and pygmy blue butterfly (smallest in the world and abundant here)

-Seven-spotted ladybug and other ladybugs or lady beetles

-Egrets and golden-crowned sparrow and common yellowthroat and avocets and green-winged teal and long-billed curlews

-Jumping spider, black widow and spotted cucumber beetle

-Bay barnacles

-Striped green sea anemone

The Bioblitz can be used to provide a snapshot of the Baylands for the Baylands Comprehensive Conservation Plan (BCCP) that is in the works and will guide the management of the Baylands for the next 15 years and beyond. You can find the Baylands Master Plan here.

Last Updated: February 21, 2018