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Traffic Safety & Bicycle Boulevard Project Set to Begin

Survey work for the first phase of the Neighborhood Traffic Safety & Bicycle Boulevard Project is currently underway and physical construction is set to begin the week of October 2 starting on Ross Road from Talisman Drive to Corina Way.

Phase I includes a total of 7.1 street miles of traffic calming on Amarillo Avenue, Bryant Street, Montrose Avenue, Moreno Avenue, Louis Road, and Ross Road.

This year-long project is designed to enhance Palo Alto streets by prioritizing pedestrian and bicycle safety, reduce motor vehicle congestion, and help the City meets its goal of doubling its bicycle commute rate while reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

The project includes the following features:

  •  Raised Intersections
  •  Traffic Circle/Roundabouts
  •  Slotted Speed Humps/Raised Crossings
  •  Curb Extensions and ADA upgrades
  •  Redesigned intersections for improved safety
  •  Green Stormwater Infrastructure
  •  Wayfinding and roadway markings

For more information about the project, visit:

For questions, contact the project Community Relations Manager at: or call (669) 225-1617.


Last Updated September 14, 2017