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Palo Alto Celebrates Pollution Prevention Week

The Palo Alto Regional Water Quality Control Plant is celebrating Pollution Prevention (P2) Week throughout the month of September with tours, workshops and other fun events that bring awareness to our creeks and Bay.
There are several ways you can participate:

  • Volunteer on International Coastal Cleanup Day to pick up litter and keep our waterways clean. Last year over 50,000 pounds of trash was collected from Santa Clara County alone. You can register at various locations here:

    Date: Saturday, September 16
    Time: 9am - 12 p.m.
  • Stop by the EcoCenter in the Palo Alto Baylands to learn about the Bay through hands-on games and activities. Visitors can also tour the new sustainable features of this historic former Sea Scout building. All ages are welcome to this free event. To learn more about the EcoCenter and their programs, visit:

    Date: Friday, September 22
    Time: Drop in between 11am - 1:30pm
    Location: 2560 Embarcadero Rd, Palo Alto
  • Get the scoop on poop! Take a behind-the-scenes tour to see how the Palo Alto Regional Water Quality Control Plant protects our Bay through wastewater treatment. See how 99% of the biological pollutants are removed from 20 million gallons of our region's wastewater every day. You must be at least 11 years of age to take part in this free event. Visit to register and watch a short video of how it all works!

    Date: Saturday, September 23
    Time: 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
    Location: 2501 Embarcadero Way, Palo Alto
  • Get rid of household hazardous waste safely! Don’t know what to do with your batteries, medicines, paints and other household hazardous waste? Bring it to our weekly drop-off events. Palo Alto residents only. 

    When: Every Saturday from 9 – 11 a.m. and the first Friday of each month from 3 – 5 p.m. There are some holiday closures.
    Location: 2501 Embarcadero Way, Palo Alto

    For more information:
    Phone: (650) 496-5910
  • Dispose of medications properly. Find convenient drop-off locations to bring your unused, expired or unwanted medications at
  • Take advantage of home improvement rebates that capture rainwater for summer use and reduce stormwater runoff (Palo Alto residents only). Learn more at:
National Pollution Prevention (P2) Week began in 1993. It is an annual event led by cities and counties dedicated to reducing water and air pollution at the source. This year’s P2 week is September 18 to 24.

For event details and registration information, visit:

All events are free, but space is limited.

Last Updated August 27, 2017