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Special Message from the Mayor on Wildfires

Special Message from the Mayor on Wildfires

Our hearts go out to our neighbors in Northern California that are experiencing the devastating wildfires that are currently spanning eight counties. When the fires first broke out Sunday night, the Palo Alto Fire Department immediately responded as part of the Santa Clara County Strike Team Task Force. We have sent two engines and several members of our fire crews, as well as sworn personnel from our police department to assist in operations. Additionally, Palo Alto Animal Services delivered a truck load of donations and supplies, and assisted with some animal rescues.

Many of you in the community want to do what you can to help as well. These fire-ravaged areas will need help rebuilding for many years, but in the short-term, the Red Cross and other organizations are asking for donations. If you are so inclined, here are links to a few organizations that could use immediate help:

We are a community that knows how to rise to the occasion and this disaster serves as a good reason to pull together and help our neighbors during their time of great need.

Finally, the wildfires are a good reminder to review emergency preparedness plans. I hope you will take a moment to visit this link on our website with details on what you can do in the event of an emergency. 

Last Updated: October 13, 2017