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Council to Discuss Update to Comp Plan in First of Two Meetings

Council to Discuss Update to Comp Plan in First of Two Meetings

The City Council is scheduled to consider both recommendations from the Planning and Transportation Commission, as well as certification of the Environmental Impact Report of the update to the Comprehensive Plan at its meeting on Oct. 23. The updated Comp Plan, which essentially serves as the "constitution" or general blueprint for the City, has been in the works for a number of years. The latest effort has included 24 meetings of the Citizens Advisory Committee, 29 CAC subcommittees, 28 PTC meetings and 24 Council meetings. 

The plan covers the span until 2030, and includes strategies to address housing, preservation of retail, less reliance on cars, prioritization of grade separation on the rail corridor, connected ecosystems, enhanced parks and open spaces, climate change, emergency preparedness, fiscal sustainability and more. 

Specifically, the proposed plan calls for the non-residential growth cap to effectively remain the same as under the current plan, but to apply citywide and count conversions from retail or warehouse to office/R&D. The cumulative cap of non-residential space would be 1.7 million square feet over the life of the plan since 1.3 million square feet has already been approved at the Stanford University Medical Center. 

Under the plan, population growth is anticipated to result in an increase of 8,435 to 10,455 within the City over the life of the plan (an average of 527 to 653 new residents per year) and a housing growth of 3,545 to 4,420 housing units (an average of 222 to 276 new units per year). The City's long term average of population growth and new housing units from 1970 to 2014 averaged 221 new residents and 164 new dwelling units. 

The plan also outlines measures to reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and greenhouse gas emissions, in alignment with the City’s adopted goal of reducing GHG emission by 80 percent (below 19980 levels) by 2030.

Following the certification of the plan’s EIR, the Council is expected to consider final adoption of the updated Comprehensive Plan at its meeting on Nov. 13. Click here for more information. 


Last Updated: October 12, 2017