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Special Message from Mayor Greg Scharff

Special Message from Mayor Greg Scharff

Over the last several days, we have witnessed the horrendous violence in Charlottesville, and the disturbing ideology of the white nationalist groups involved. There is no place for the hatred, bigotry and racist views expressed by these groups. We are not isolated from these groups. While it has since been cancelled, a rally by alt-right members was planned for this weekend in Mountain View in front of Google headquarters as part of a national protest effort. 

We should not let these actions go unchallenged or allow extreme and racist viewpoints to become normalized. While we have heard a varied response from the administration, it is important that our community denounce such perspectives and recommit to tolerance, civility and inclusivity.

This is who we are as a city, and it seems more important than ever to talk about the values that make us a caring and diverse community. I encourage all of us to reach out to our neighbors and friends to have these important conversations, and just as importantly, reflect these values in our daily lives. 

Greg Scharff

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Last Updated: August 16, 2017