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Property Owners Approve Storm Water Management Fee

Property Owners Approve Storm Water Management Fee

Palo Alto property owners have voted to approve a new Storm Water Management fee that will replace the City’s existing Storm Drainage fee, increasing the amount residents pay by an average of 62 cents per month.  A typical homeowner will pay about $13.65 per month, effective June 1, 2017, and the Storm Water Management fee will be included on the monthly utility bill.  The fee was approved by approximately 64 percent of those submitted with 50 percent needed to pass. 

 The Storm Water Management Program funds routine storm water system maintenance and operations that keep the City’s storm water infrastructure clean and at peak performance, and provides for storm water system improvements that prevent street flooding. The program also provides litter reduction, creek pollution prevention programs, commercial and residential rebates, and flooding emergency-response services.

For more information, or to learn more about the projects and services to be funded with the Storm Water Management Fee, click here.

Last Updated: April 12, 2017