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Council Approves California Avenue Parking Structure

Council Approves California Avenue Parking Structure

The City Council unanimously voted to build a larger parking garage without any retail, and increase the number of spaces by more than 300 at the lot on Sherman Avenue and Birch Street. Monday‚Äôs decision calls for a four-story garage that includes an additional two underground levels, bringing a total of 636 spaces to the garage in the California Avenue business district.  The structure is expected to be a little more than 36 feet tall and nearly doubles the number of spots originally envisioned two years ago.

The timeline for the $34.8 million project calls for completing the environmental report in December and then breaking ground on the structure next year.  In order to minimize construction in the area, the City would finish the garage in the summer of 2019, before starting to build the new public-safety building across the street on Birch Street.

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Last Updated: April 4, 2017