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Traffic Signal Timing Changes Coming to Middlefield Road

Traffic Signal Timing Changes Coming to Middlefield Road

Starting Friday, Dec. 9, traffic signals along Middlefield Road will be updated at intersections in order to better coordinate the start or end of the green lights for main street approaches. This adaptive signal technology will be beneficial to vehicles on the main streets to help reduce the amount of stopping, resulting in fewer delays, and less vehicle emissions. It may however result in slightly longer wait time for vehicles that are waiting at the cross streets.

Currently traffic signals on Middlefield Road are running independently based on the vehicles detected as they approach the intersection. The Planning and Transportation Department will be working on the following intersections:

• Hamilton and Melville –12/9
• Midtown (pedestrian crossing to Colorado) – week of 12/12
• Meadow to Montrose – week of 12/12

It usually takes a few days to weeks to make small adjustments based on test drives, driver feedback and complaints.

In the past six months, traffic signal timing changes have been made on the following streets:

• Embarcadero Road, from St. Francis to Bryant, during the weekday peak periods
• Downtown traffic signals – pre-timed coordination all day
• Adaptive traffic signal timing is running on San Antonio Road.

In early 2017, signal timing changes will also take place on Alma Street, Charleston and Arastradero Road, and University Avenue (east of Middlefield Road).

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Last Updated: December 8, 2016