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Share Your Priorities for 2017 with Palo Alto City Council

Share Your Priorities for 2017 with Palo Alto City Council

What are the priorities you would like to see the Palo Alto City Council adopt in 2017? You are invited to share your thoughts on Open City Hall where your feedback is used to help discuss and define what priorities the City will try to accomplish next year.

Each year, Palo Alto City Council reviews its priorities for the year at its Annual Council Retreat. A Council priority is defined as a topic that will receive particular, unusual and significant attention during the year. There is a goal of adopting no more than 3 to 4 priorities each year, and they generally have a three-year time limit.

The priorities for 2016 included:

• The Built Environment: Housing and parking, with emphasis on mobility
• Infrastructure
• Healthy City, Healthy Community
• Completion of the Comprehensive Plan

You can read what others are saying about important topics in Palo Alto, and post your own ideas too. To join the conversation about what priorities are important to you, click here. The Council priorities question is the first topic listed on the Open City Hall portal.

Suggestions and feedback will be incorporated into the information that the City Council considers at its retreat in early 2017. There is no deadline yet set for this topic but the City Manager will be sharing initial community responses with the Policy and Services Committee in December. All responses will be included in the information leading up to the 2017 Council retreat in late January or early February and will be important to City Council members.

Last Updated: December 6, 2016