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Cool Block Pilot Program Seeks New Neighborhood Blocks to Participate

The second phase of the Cool Block pilot program is about to get underway and additional neighborhood blocks are invited to participate. Palo Alto was chosen as one of three pilot cities, along with San Francisco and Los Angeles, for the free, five-month program that consists of blocks working together to create a more planet-friendly community.

Participants select from a menu of 112 action recipes that include carbon reduction, water conservation, resiliency and livability. They are also able to track their progress through a web platform that has the resources necessary to help achieve the actions they choose to complete. Some actions are done as individuals and others are collective and carried out by The Cool Block team. Plus, getting to know your neighbors is one of the best benefits of the pilot.

"It's a wonderful, fun way to get to know your neighbors, begin building community and save the planet," says Julan Chu.

“Cool Block gave me an easy way to learn practical skills to reduce my carbon foot print and have fun with my neighbors while doing it!” says Lorrie Castellano.

In 2012, the Council agreed to participate in the Cool City Challenge.  The Cool Block program is the pilot phase for the Cool City Challenge which will roll out in 2017. The Cool Block pilot aligns with other block-based engagement efforts the City participates in, including the Know your Neighbors grant program, Our Palo Alto community events, and the Council’s Neighborhood Town Hall initiative.

The next Cool Block beta pilot runs from January-June 2017.  If you are interested, contact:

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2017