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Adobe Creek Bike/Pedestrian Crossing Stays Open, Weather Permitting

Adobe Creek Bike/Pedestrian Crossing Stays Open, Weather Permitting

If this good fall weather keeps up, the Adobe Creek bike/pedestrian undercrossing will remain open beyond its typical seasonal closure of Oct. 15. Rainfall flooding has prompted the season closure in years past, making it off limits usually until mid-April.

The Public Works Department has decided to keep this popular thoroughfare open for the time being with the caveat that it may close without warning. 

"When we get a rain forecast of 1/2" of rain or more and/or we receive an unexpected volume of rainfall that silts over the pathway, we close it down for the winter with the intention of opening it up again on April 15th," says Steve Banks, Public Works Manager of Maintenance Operations.

Plans are in the works to replace the flood-prone undercrossing starting in 2017. The aim is to have a new, year-round bicycle and pedestrian overcrossing over Highway 101 at Adobe Creek near the City's southern border with Mountain View. Not only would it help better link growing technology and research-based job centers with regional trails and bicycle facilities, but it would also improve access to recreation opportunities like the Baylands.

It is expected to be completed in 2020.

Last Updated: October 6, 2016