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Council to Review Transportation Element on Next Agenda

Council to Review Transportation Element on Next Agenda

Next up on the City Council's agenda for Sept. 19 is a review of the draft Transportation Element of the Comprehensive Plan update. The Citizen Advisory Committee has been working on the updated element, which reflects hundreds of hours of work by the CAC, as well as several subcommittees tasked with developing and bringing the element to Council for review.

There are a number of themes identified in the CAC’s draft that the Council will consider including alternatives to solo driving, parking, vehicle miles traveled and traffic congestion, as well as expanding the element’s support for transit dependent residents. The CAC also used extensive public comments to craft their draft element, which were tracked and analyzed as part of the City’s collaboration with Stanford’s Brown Institute for Media Innovation. 

The CAC is expected to complete their review of the additional Comprehensive Plan elements and send their recommended drafts to the Council into early 2017 with the CAC completing its work by May of next year. Click here to read the full staff report. 

Last Updated: September 14, 2016