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Nowhere to Park your Bike? Who you Gonna Call (or text)? – PaloAlto311

Nowhere to Park your Bike? Who you Gonna Call (or text)? – PaloAlto311

Have you ever ridden your bike to your favorite coffee shop, lunch place or even say, a dentist or doctor's appointment only to find there is nowhere to put your bike? Now, you don’t have to chain it to an abandoned pole or even take it inside with you – you can request a little help from the City’s PaloAlto311 mobile app from your smartphone. It won’t locate a bike parking space for you, but even better, you can use PaloAlto311 to add more bike parking racks around town. 

Here’s how it works: If you notice there’s not a parking rack in front of your favorite spot (or in the case of the dentist, just somewhere you need to be), you can ask for a bike rack to be installed via the PaloAlto311 app, just as long as the spot is within the public right-of-way and on City property.

All you have to do is download the PaloAlto311 app on your phone, hit "New Request", “Bicycles” and then “New bicycle rack or bicycle parking in the public ROW” choice. A public request via PaloAlto311 is what led to the bike rack that was recently installed in front of Peet’s Coffee & Tea on Homer Avenue.

This mobile app approach means you could be just a few clicks away from soon getting a prime parking spot for your bike. The PaloAlto311 app can also be used to report problems on the streets such potholes, graffiti and signal outages.

Here are the links to download and install the PaloAlto311 app:
iPhone Version:
Android Version:

Last Updated: July 29, 2016