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City Moves Forward on RFP For Animal Shelter Service Provider

No Plans to Close Shelter, Online Petition Contains Misinformation

City Moves Forward on RFP For Animal Shelter Service Provider

For the past year, the City of Palo Alto has been working collaboratively with the Friends of Palo Alto Animal Shelter, the Palo Alto Humane Society and other local stakeholders to identify a new service model for the operation of the city's Animal Shelter. 

This week a petition was posted on with misinformation that the City intends to close the shelter.  This is blatantly untrue, threatens to undermine the progress made to date to find a new service provider, and is a disservice to the community who has received this incorrect information about the future of the Animal Shelter.   

"It is really unfortunate that the community has been given this misinformation about the closure of the shelter," said Scottie Zimmerman, president of the Friends of Palo Alto Animal Shelter.  “We look forward to continuing our collaborative partnership with the City, and finding a future service provider that can help to fulfill the mission of our community shelter.”

As an indication of its intention and work over the past year with many animal care stakeholders, the City has issued a Request for Proposal for Animal Services that solicits nonprofits or private animal service providers to operate the shelter.  The RFP calls for the City to retain animal control services and maintain the shelter location in Palo Alto while seeking to find a provider for shelter operations and clinic services.

The RFP has been developed with considerable input from community stakeholders including Friends of the Palo Alto Animal Shelter, Palo Alto Humane Society, and other individuals who have a strong interest in animal care.  Goals of the proposal include facilitating more animal adoptions and to fundraise and develop a brand new shelter. 

The decision and scope of the RFP was developed following a series of community meetings on the future of Animal Services, as well as an audit that made a number of recommendations.  On June 8, 2015 the Palo Alto City Council directed staff to conduct a review of alternative service models, and the current RFP reflects the community’s values for Palo Alto Animal Services.

“We are eager to review the results of the RFP and work with the City of Palo Alto to find the best service model that will support our continuing community education outreach efforts, after-school activities and targeted veterinary funding needs,” said Carole Hyde, president of the Palo Alto Humane Society.

Last Updated: October 15, 2015