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Take the Community Prioritization Challenge Today!

The City of Palo Alto has been working on the Parks, Trails, Open Space and Recreation Master Plan for over a year, developing a strong understanding of the desires of the community, the strengths of the system and opportunities to improve on our highly-valued park system. For more information on the Master Plan process and what we’ve learned so far, visit our website at

This community prioritization challenge is another chance to help the planning team determine how the City should prioritize improvements and investments over the next 20 years. Every participant gets $25 of virtual funding for parks, trails, open space and recreation to play with. Where will you invest your money?

The Parks, Trails, Open Space and Recreation Master Plan is a project of the City of Palo Alto. If you have questions about this project, contact Peter Jensen, Landscape Architect and Project Manager for the City of Palo Alto at 650-617-3183 or

Last Updated: October 1, 2015