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Palo Alto again ranks high as place to live in latest National Citizen Survey

Palo Alto again ranks high as place to live in latest National Citizen Survey

Continuing a long term trend, 95% of residents rank Palo Alto as an excellent or good place to live as highlighted in the latest report from the National Citizen Survey.  This is the 12th year Palo Alto has participated in the survey, which is conducted by the National Research Center and the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), and which gathers resident opinions across a range of community issues, in cities and counties across the United States.  The survey focuses on gauging community sentiment on the quality of community and related services, as well as residents' engagement level within their communities.  

"Our community continues to rate Palo Alto as a top place to live, work and raise a family," said City Manager James Keene.  “We experience and enjoy a high quality of life in Palo Alto, and the survey results reinforce this sentiment across the neighborhoods of our community.”

In the past, the survey was sent out to 1,200 residents within Palo Alto, but the distribution was expanded to 3,000 this year.  Almost 800 people returned the survey, a 27% response rate, which falls within the average response rate of 25% to 40% for such surveys.  

In addition, the survey was distributed and tabulated for six geographic areas of the city, and the overall margin of error decreased from five percentage points (plus or minus) to three percentage points (plus or minus).  

“This year we were able to distribute and tabulate the survey results on a more specific geographic and neighborhood level, providing insights into how different areas of the city view community life,” said City Auditor Harriet Richardson, whose office contracts with the National Research Center to conduct the survey. 

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Last Updated: January 28, 2015