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Parking and the Stanford and Palo Alto Trail Program

Parking and the Stanford and Palo Alto Trail Program

Palo Alto has sent a letter to Stanford explaining our concerns regarding the loss of 33 parking spaces along Stanford Avenue at the heavily used and popular Dish exercise entry gate area.  The City has requested that Stanford restore the back-in angled parking on Stanford Avenue in its proposal to the county.  This bicycle community prefers this type of parking and views it as safer than either front entry diagonal or parallel parking as it reduces hazards to bicycle riders and pedestrians.

Additionally, the City has asked that Stanford expand and consider all options to address the loss of parking along Stanford Avenue in their proposal.  We are pleased to learn that Stanford will be requesting back-in angled parking, which recovers 18 lost parking spots, and also will offer 33 new parking spaces on Coyote Hill Road.  The new parking area would serve those who use the Matadero Creek Trail and the Stanford Perimeter Trail, and serve as overflow parking for Dish access via the Matadero Creek Trail.

This brings the net loss of parking to 15 spaces along Stanford Avenue, which aligns with the original Stanford and Palo Alto Trail Program.  The City's letter can be found here along with Stanford’s response here.

Last Updated: February 21, 2014