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Disaster in the Philippines for our Sister City Palo, Leyte

Disaster in the Philippines for our Sister City Palo, Leyte

Our sister city of Palo, Leyte has been devastated by the typhoon and many lives were lost.  It is estimated that 80% to 90% of the town is in ruins.

Palo was Palo Alto's first sister city in 1963. Over the years, Neighbors Abroad has supported a children’s library in Palo. We are concerned for the safety of all our friends there. And, we must assume extensive damage if not total destruction to the library building.

We have started a fund drive to allow Palo Altans to contribute to the relief of our sister city. The Palo Alto City Council has directed a generous donation to this project. But the need is very great and so we hope to raise much more.  

Members of the Filipino community are working with us to raise funds and to assure that all the moneys will be used for the benefit of the citizens of Palo directly. 

If you wish to send a check, please direct it to  with "Palo Relief Fund" in the memo line. 

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Last Updated: November 21, 2013