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2555 Park Blvd

File # 13PLN-00381

Status: Under Review, The Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the project is now available for public review and comment. The review period was September 5, 2014 through October 20, 2014.  The comment period on the Draft EIR has been extended to November 19, 2014. The proposal will be heard by the City Council on June 1, 2015.
Project Description: A request by FGY Architectural Review to allow the demolition of the existing two-story 10,800 square foot office building and construction of a new three story 24,466 square foot building in the Community Commercial (cc(2)) zone district. The proposed building would have a roof deck with a canopy structure. The height of the two stair towers and the roof top canopy would require a Design Enhance Exception (DEE) to exceed the allowable height for the zone district. A total of 92 parking spaces would be provided within at grade and below grade structure parking. The EIR is required due to the proposed demolition of a building that is considered eligible for listing on the California Register of Historic Places as an intact example of Mid-Century Modern Architecture.

Draft EIR
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Initial Study


Traffic Impact Analysis

Project Plans rev 05/22/15

Project Description Letter

Historic Resources Evaluation

Noise Study

Reponses to Noise Study

Geotechnical Investigation

Phase I-II Environmental Analysis

Arborist Report

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Project Planner: Russ Reich 650-617-3119 or

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