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City Council's Top 3 Priorities for 2013

City Council's Top 3 Priorities for 2013

On Saturday, February 2, the City Council held a retreat to discuss the selection of its priorities for 2013. The Council, in a new approach for 2013, defined a priority as an area of work that will "receive particular, unusual and significant attention during the year." The Council's intention is that there would be no more than three priorities per year and that priorities would have a three year time limit. 

The Council chose these top three priorities for 2013:

  • The Future of Downtown and California Avenue: Urban Design, Transportation, Parking, and Livability;
  • Infrastructure Strategy and Funding; and
  • Technology and the Connected City.

A second retreat will be scheduled later this spring to discuss the Council's guiding principles and core values.

Last Updated: February 4, 2013