Project PLEDGE Donations Welcome

Project PLEDGE Donations Welcome

Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Project PLEDGE is a voluntary program that began years ago as a way for Palo Altans to help their neighbors in times of great need.  It was founded on the idea that unexpected hardship can happen to any of us and this program provides one way for us to be there for each other.

When you make a donation to ProjectPLEDGE your money goes into a fund that provides bill payment assistance on a one-time only basis for households who experience sudden job loss, the death of a wage-earner or unexpected substantial medical expenses.

You can make regular monthly donations through your utilities bill or a single contribution by check.  
Your generosity will make a big difference!  And it is easy to make your donation.  Simply download the short form and enclose it with your next utilities bill or mail it directly using the address listed on the form.  Or call Utilities Customer Service Center at (650) 329-2161.

Need Help Yourself?
If you think you may be eligible to receive ProjectPLEDGE's one-time bill payment assistance, you can contact Customer Services for more information at (650) 329-2333 or download an application for assistance here.       

Last Updated: January 1, 2013