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Check Out Chromebooks for 7 Days

Explore, discover and learn new technology at the library~

Chromebooks, a simplified laptop computer based on Google's Chrome browser & operating system, can now be checked out to take home for a week at a time!

Where: At the Mitchell Park Library.  Place a hold to have one sent to the Palo Alto library of your choice
Available for 7-day checkout with a library card for library card holders age 14 and older
First come, first served 

Chromebooks are fast, secure and simple to use.  Using cloud computing, Chromebooks do not run traditional software or store files.  All of the Chromebook's operations take place using the Chrome web browser and web applications either through a user's free Google account or in Guest mode (for those without Google accounts). 

The library continues to have loaner laptops and desktop PCs for use in the library by customers who need full computing capabilities such as traditional software, disc players and printing.  Learn more about computer use at the library.

Learn more about Chromebooks in just a few minutes with these short videos from Google:

For more information, read the press release, or check out what Library Director Monique le Conge posted about this successful program.

If you have further questions, email or call 650-329-2436.

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