Customer Connect Advanced Meter Pilot Program

CPAU is currently evaluating a pilot program that helps customers connect, track and monitor their daily activities with utility interval usage data.

Utility customers typically receive information about their electricity, natural gas and water usage and billing information on a monthly basis, after the services were used (and the costs incurred). Our pilot participants have advanced meters installed to provide hourly usage information, which is available by the next day. Better yet, customers also have tools both on the web and right at their home to monitor their own consumption, so they can make informed decisions about how to change their utility use. 

Another benefit of using these advanced meters and the associated communication network is that the City Utilities will be able to detect electric outages and water leaks faster while lowering our operational costs.

 Pilot Program Goals:

  •  Gauge customer interest in utilizing real-time usage information and analytical tools
  • Evaluate customer experience (gather customer feedback on advanced meters and related tools)
  • Quantify changes in customer energy/water use and bill impact
  • Evaluate impact on utility operations, costs and revenues
  • Evaluate the feasibility of rolling out advanced meters and TOU electric rates to all customers



Customer Connect FAQ's

UPDATE: The Customer Connect pilot program registration is now closed. If you have any other questions about the Customer Connect program, please email Customer Connect Email or call (650) 329-2241. Thank you for your interest.

 Online PortalIf you are an existing CustomerConnect program participant, you can view your interval usage on an hourly basis via this portal. Click here to access the Online Portal.  If you are a new user, please follow the registration instructions to register for the portal.



Time-of-Use (TOU) Rate Option- This pilot will also promote nighttime or off-peak charging of electric vehicles by offering a Time-of-Use (TOU) electric rate. Here is  more information on the TOU.  More information specifically on electric vehicles.

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