Utilities Outages

Providing reliable service is a top priority for all of us in your City Utilities Department and our crews work daily to maintain and improve the system's lines and pipes. On those occasions when service is disrupted due to planned or unplanned events, we want to be sure you have accurate, timely information about what is going on and any actions you should take. 

 Power Outage Map


Report a power outage: (650) 496-6914


Report a gas leak or outage: (650) 329-2579

Report a streetlight out: (650) 496-6914

Report a water leak or outage: (650) 329-2579


Outage Map

 Check the map for up-to-date power outage status.

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Electric Outage Preparedness 

Electrical emergencies can happen any time. Whether it’s an accident or a weather-related situation, occasional power outages are simply unavoidable. However, you can easily prepare for the unexpected loss of power. Following are some simple things to have on hand:
  • battery-powered emergency lighting (or flashlights, at a minimum)
  • portable or battery-powered radio
  • wind-up or battery-powered clock
  • nonperishable food and water (including a manual can opener)
  • pet food
  • first aid kit
  • telephone that does not depend on electricity

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