Solar energy is a clean, renewable resource that can efficiently heat water and provide electric power. The City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) offers a variety of informative resources to residents and businesses interested in solar energy. 
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Utility-Scale Solar Meets Close to Half of Palo Alto's Electricity Needs

January 2021 - A new utility-scale solar project in the central valley came online in December 2020. Palo Alto now has contracts with six large-scale solar generation facilities in California, which are supplying our community with clean, renewable energy. This new solar project adds 26 megawatts (MW) of electricity to our energy portfolio.


Solar is now powering close to half of Palo Alto's electric needs!


Bay Area SunShares Program is Now Closed for the Year

January 2021 - For the sixth year in a row, the City of Palo Alto participated in Bay Area SunShares, a solar group-buy program available to residents of nine Bay Area counties, offering discounts on solar and battery storage from vetted contractors. 

The deadline to sign a solar contract through this program was December 31, 2020. However, if you are still interested in solar, please contact us for help with installation, net metering and electric rate schedules for solar. Send us a message at



City of Palo Alto and HP Inc. Complete One of the Largest Solar Array Projects

September 2019 - This project combines rooftop and carport solar photovoltaic (PV) systems containing 3,372 solar panels which are projected to generate 2,355 megawatt hours (MWh) of energy. That is equivalent to enough electricity to power 263 average Palo Alto homes for a year. The system is expected to offset 1,700 metric tons of carbon dioxide; a significant commitment to protecting the environment. To learn more, read the News Release Announcement.






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