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CPAU Celebrates Public Power & Public Natural Gas Week

Celebrate your community-owned public utility! Oct. 1-7, 2017 is National Public Power and Public Natural Gas Week, an annual event that recognizes the value of local, not-for-profit power and gas utilities, like the City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU). City of Palo Alto Utilities provides Palo Alto with gas and electricity, as well as water, sewer and fiber optic services. This year marks over 120 years of electric service, as well as the utility’s 100th anniversary of providing quality natural gas service.

With a community-owned, municipal utility, Palo Alto residents and businesses are direct stakeholders in their energy resources and infrastructure. This means that the utility’s operations and funds are tailored to meet the specific needs of our community. From low rates and reliable service to renewable resources and programs that invest in our community, City of Palo Alto Utilities has a long-term track record of empowering Palo Alto.

Community Values. Instead of going back to investors, profits generated by public power are reinvested in the Palo Alto community. Every year, the electric and gas utilities provide millions  in financial support to community services such as libraries, parks, police, and fire protection.

CPAU’s commitment to the community is also reflected in its programs and services. These offerings help customers achieve their energy goals, including the Home Efficiency Genie, Water Conservation Programs & Rebates, and Renewable Energy & Sustainability Programs. In addition, CPAU has responded to our community’s sustainability goals:  in 2013, CPAU began providing all customers 100% carbon neutral electricity, and in 2017, 100% percent carbon neutral natural gas.     

Lower Rates. As a not-for-profit utility, CPAU’s electricity rates are based on local operational costs and approved by our City Council. In turn, Palo Alto’s utility rates are among the lowest in the state and are significantly lower than those of investor-owned utilities. The average Palo Alto resident’s monthly electric and gas utility bill is about 20%-50% lower than that of a customer in an investor-owned utility service area, resulting in a savings of hundreds of dollars per year!

Better Service. With local ownership and local operations, comes deep and useful local knowledge. Every community is different and because it is embedded in the community, CPAU provides quick, reliable customer service. This local focus also ensures that programs and power sources are tied integrally to our community’s needs and goals.

Thank YOU for being part owner of our municipal utility!

Last Updated October 4, 2017