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City Promotes SunShares Discount Program on Solar, Zero Emissions Vehicles and EV Charging Equipment
August 17, 2017
Through limited time only group-buy, there is no better time to go solar or purchase a zero-emissions vehicle. Read More...
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Preparing for the Solar Eclipse
August 16, 2017
On Monday, August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will pass over the Pacific Northwest affecting the California solar resources supplying power to... Read More...
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Register for City of Palo Alto Events & Workshops
August 14, 2017
Find out more about tree care, sustainable landscaping, home composting, attractive alternatives to lawns and more. Read More...
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Be Aware of Scam Calls
August 1, 2017
Beware of fraudulent phone calls from scam artists claiming to be from the Utilities Department! Never provide payment or personal information over... Read More...
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City of Palo Alto Paves the Way for More Electric Vehicles with Local Renewable Energy
July 20, 2017
On Monday, July 24, the City of Palo Alto unveiled new solar panels installed atop parking carports of two public garages and electric vehicle (EV)... Read More...